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  1. A few years ago Father God gave me a dream or vision. Jesus was standing behind both of you sitting in chairs with His arms resting on the back of the chairs. I felt He was saying He was leading you both into a new direction. Thanks be to God our Father and Yeshua/Jesus. You certainly have been doing wonderful things since then. Thank you both for all you have done and will do to bless humanity in Yeshua/Jesus. Amen

  2. So glad to be able to study with you guys.

  3. I am interested in current events

    1. David Lowe’s book expanding on the effects of a worldwide Rapture event and what occurred after our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection and chapter 6 of Revelation is astounding! Thanks for recommending it Derek and Sharon!

  4. Hello Sharon
    I love, love your book. I have almost all of them. I was wondering when book 8 of the Redwing Saga books will come out. I am sure everyone is waiting with beta breath for it
    I mean really you get us so hooked on these story’s then make us wait for almost a year before the next one comes out. Lol I know you have been busy helping Derek his books, but, but we need our fix Sharon. Lol see what you started. We love guys so much. The Lord bless you two. Love you guys. ANNIE

  5. So many events you successfully propose happen at the middle of the 7 year tribulation. Is there enough evidence to place any kind of order or timing of events to the following?
    Death of 2 witnesses
    2nd rapture of martyred to prepare for Gods wrath
    Escape to Petra
    Apophis and following
    Three witnessing Angels
    Abomination of Desolation
    Fatal wound followed by Satanic possession of Antichrist
    Seven Angels/Seven plagues
    Last beheading of the martyrs / rapture – full number complete
    Mark of the Beast required
    End of Trumpets/Start of the Bowls
    Seven Thunders
    Satan et al alienation from Heaven.
    This is alot to happen in a short period of time .

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