Gilbert House Fellowship #3 – Genesis 5-6

We advance through history from the Garden to the Flood and look at the Enemy’s response to the Protoevangelium, the first prophecy of a coming Savior: The genetic corruption that followed the decision of the Bene Elohim to leave their first estate and take wives from among the daughters of man–in short, the Nephilim.

Also: A discussion of what it means to be created “in the image” of God and the implications for transhumanism and/or the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe; the significance of God creating man and woman, and the occult emphasis on androgyny; the first sacrifice; and the various views of what happened in the days of Noah–specifically, who were the Sons of God?


  • Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s essay on “The Image of God” – click here (opens PDF document)
  • A collection of video presentations by Dr. Heiser on the Sons of God in Genesis 6: click here
  • “Textual Controversy: Mischievous Angels or Sethites?” by Chuck Missler: click here
  • Another view: “Who Are the Sons of God and Daughters of Men in Genesis 6:1-5?” by R.C. Sproul, Jr.: click here
  • Noah Primeval by Brian Godawa, Book One of his Chronicles of the Nephilim series
  • Wayback by Sam Batterman, another fictional look at the story of Noah
  • Buoyancy and Stability of Noah’s Ark” by Dr. Jonathan Henry (link opens PDF document)


  1. Absolutely love these… Just found these studies and I cherish them already. Bless you and all that you do to bring us the Father’s Word.

    1. Author

      Thank you! It is our honor and blessing to produce these.

  2. Have you heard of the Tablet theory? I have only read of it a little and can’t validate it myself so currently hold it as an interesting possibility.
    The basic premise is that Gen: 1-11 has features that might imply a series of autobiographical testimonies, which very well could have been written down and passed on generation to generation till Moses got them and compiled them into the Torah with God’s direction.
    If true it is interesting and lends even more depth to the integrity of the knowledge reaching from Adam to Moses.

  3. I began listening to these a few months after you started via a podcast app. As with all of us life happens and I fell away from the deep study, my faith did no wane but business took over. In the last weeks I have begun back with this study. Thank you so much for your service through sky-watch and on your own. Prayers and blessing for you and your coworkers and family.

  4. Having watched so many videos relating to the others gods, it’s still like a puzzle with umpteen pieces thrown out of the box onto a table and I’m trying to assemble an understandable picture. Maybe I need something less verbal & more VISUAL, a chart or diagram showing:
    . The source & definition of such terms as watchers, nephilim, demons etc.
    . The current status of each of those entities and what difference they make
    Can I find that anywhere?
    Your VISUALLY oriented friend

    1. reply to geh:
      Excellent suggestion!
      Would love to see a chart explaining the terms used for the fallen angels.

  5. I think the ark is a type of the holy place; the pitch was a type of the atonement covering; the door was a type of Jesus being the door; coming into the ark was a type of being engrafted into God’s family.

  6. Love you both, this is such a great bible study. Im so glad I found it!

  7. I dont know what to say, – other than this is my FIRSTtime -I guess you could call it, ‘reaching out to any other christians’ and when I started speaking, praising, (going on about JESUS CHRIST e-ver-y chance that I get!) When I started speaking AND BELIEVING IN MY HEART, THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, SOMETHING CHANGED WITHIN ME like I can’t explain yet and definately so, so powerful- IM SAYING SO POWERFUL IM STILL IN ALMOST A STATE A SHOCK-……..–>BUT TODAY I CALL THEM>~STRA—-NGE ‘OCCURANCES’ TODAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2021…I HAVE BEEN –ALL DAY- singing OUTLOUD , PRAISING WITH SONGS, I MAKE UP, MIXING LYRICS OF SONGS WITH OTHER SONGS THAT WORSHIP -THE PRECIOUS AND MIGHTY MOST POWERFUL NAME OF ALL NAMES, JESUS CHRIST WHOM I BELIEVE IN MY HEART ROSE FROM THAT GRAVE! YES! I ACTUALLY SAID EXACTLY WHAT I BELIEVE IN MY HEART AND MY SOUL TO BE TRUE—> IM WORSHIPPING LIKE THIS ALLLL DAY BECAUSE:— I AM FEELING CO—-NSTANT ATTACK , STRANGER, HARDER, SCARIER, THAN EVER( IN TOP TEN TOUGH TOUGH ANXIETY DAYS IVE SUFFERED)— AND I JUST KEEP PRAISING, SINGING ->OUTLOUD<- and I 'accidentally" found this and I LOVE SHARON GILBERT? AND/OR DERICK GILBERT? WHOS READING THIS( PROBABLY BOTH, YOU 2 are the best team give ever seen!)You have taught me so much , so so much in such a short time that I don't even know where all or how I store the information! Haha…im reaching out to God, im calling out His name, I need to feel safe in His arms GAIN!

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