Gilbert House Fellowship #366: Psalms 103–104; 2 Samuel 5

DAVID’S FRAME OF MIND was apparently much better by the time he wrote these psalms, which are dated to about the time he was anointed king over all Israel.

That took place at Hebron, but shortly thereafter he marched against the Jebusite city of Jerusalem and made that his capital city.

We discuss the Jebusites, why we believe they were Hurrians (Horites), and why that’s relevant to our understanding of the supernatural battle for control of God’s har moʿed (“mount of assembly”).

We also note differences between the Septuagint and Masoretic accounts in 2 Samuel 5; the Septuagint makes no mention of a water shaft into the City of David, and the Valley of Rephaim southwest of Jerusalem, where David fought two battles against the Philistines, was translated into the Greek Septuagint as “Valley of Titans.”

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