Gilbert House Fellowship #359: Psalms 16, 19, 21

THE PSALMS are filled with supernatural meaning that we often miss because we don’t have the worldview of the authors.

This week, we dig into three psalms of David that appear, on first reading, related to his ascension to the kingship over all the tribes of Israel. They are that, but on a deeper level, we find references to the the unseen realm and those spirits who rejected God’s authority.

For example, the “saints/holy people in the land” of Psalm 16:3 are, in our view, rebellious angels. The Hebrew word translated “saints” or “holy people,” qedoshim (literally “holy ones”), is used elsewhere in scripture of the Watchers (Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 4) and the heavenly beings of the divine assembly (Psalm 89:5–7; Job 15:15).

The “excellent/noble ones” (Heb. addirim) are known from pagan texts from the time of the Judges, linked to the Rephaim and threshing floors, which were considered portals to the spirit realm in the ancient world. And “land” (Heb. eretz) means “underworld” as well as “the land” or “earth.”

In short, understood in the cultural and religious context of David’s day, Psalm 16:3–4 is a condemnation of the small-G “gods” of the pagans around ancient Israel.

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  1. Why did The Bible’s Greatest Mysteries go away? It was great.
    Will you bring it back under a different heading? You made a brief reference once, but no details.

    1. Author

      Thank you for asking! It may return in some format under a different name.

    2. Author

      Thank you for asking! That was a SkyWatchTV production and it was decided that the focus would be on the main program and Simply His. We’re OK with that, and the launch of Gilbert House Ministries has been with the encouragement and blessing of Tom and Joe Horn.

      We may do something similar going forward, but we would probably need a full time video editor and we’re not in a position to pay to have that done. Right now, I do all of the video editing and it takes up about one full work day a week. I’m struggling to find time to research and write!

  2. This is incredibly informative and brings so much revelation. Thanku so much for sharing your research & knowledge behind Bible scriptures. I just began reading a book that was gifted to me teaching on Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, & the teaching of plants titled, “Braiding Sweetgrass” I am praying for discernment as I read it. One chapter referred to the Four Winds which led me to researching scriptures mentioning the Four Winds. I noticed after, that there is also Greek mythology that teach Greek gods of the Four Winds. I did not realize that there were beliefs in Greek gods of the four Winds. I would love to hear your research & teachings on the Four Winds in the Bible.

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