Gilbert House Fellowship #336: Judges 3–4

STRONG WOMEN rose to the occasion when Israel fell under the oppressive hand of Jabin, the Canaanite king of Hazor.

This week, we discuss the victory of Deborah and Barak, which was sealed by the decisive act of Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite. We discuss Barak’s reluctance to lead Israel’s troops against the iron chariots of Sisera, Jabin’s general, explain why Sisera was probably the leader of a mercenary band from Sardinia, and how archaeologists have confirmed the Bible’s account of Hazor’s destruction under Joshua, shortly after 1406 BC, and again in the time of the Judges around 1234 BC.

Map of the battle between the Israelites and the forces of Sisera (click to enlarge)

Here’s the link to the paper by Dr. Douglas Petrovich, “The Dating of Hazor’s Destruction in Joshua 11,” which corroborates the biblical account (link opens PDF document).

We also discuss the brief accounts of the judges Othniel (nephew of Joshua’s colleague Caleb), Shamgar (who may have been a Hurrian mercenary), and Ehud, the left-handed warrior who freed Israel from the oppression of Eglon, king of Moab.

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  1. I bought Doug’s book directly from the Associates for Biblical Research in Akron PA for $47.50 total.

    1. correction: $47.96…hardback

  2. I thought we were having communion today?

    1. Author

      We did. Unless I mistakenly edited out more than I thought. 🙂

  3. I am reading Daniel Block’s excellent commentary on Shamgar in the NAC.
    Here I go again on another rabbit trail. I don’t know how you get anything done. It is hard not to spend a whole morning on just one character.

  4. I am learning SO MUCH – I appreciate the two of you and all the thousands of hours you have worked to bring the Bible alive within an ancient context. Absolutely amazing! Thank you and many blessings to you both!!

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