Gilbert House Fellowship #305: Numbers 16-19

WE HUMANS are blinded by sight. That is, our natural senses often prevent us from seeing what’s really going on around us in the spirit realm.

This week, we discuss the rebellion of Korah and Dathan, who accused Moses of taking Israel from a land flowing with milk and honey (Egypt) to die in the wilderness. The actions of the rebels, who’d seen God part the Red Sea, provide manna and water, and other assorted miracles over the previous thirteen months, make no sense without the whisperings and proddings of spirits.

Then we discuss one of the stranger sections of scripture, a description of a purification ritual in Numbers 19, the rite of the red heifer, and its connection to the movement in Israel to build the Third Temple–another example of trying to achieve victory over the spirit realm through our actions in the natural world. We explain why, if it ever takes place, this ritual will probably be performed on the Mount of Olives.

Join us in Israel! We will lead another tour through the Holy Land October 3–18, 2021, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan, with visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. For more information, log on to

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2 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #305: Numbers 16-19

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  2. You Both do so much to teach us, the body of Christ, along with everyone at Skywatch. I anticipate each week’s new study along with every other broadcast.
    As you have said, I now see The Bible in a totally new light, so to speak. I just want to let you hear this from me.
    I hope to go to Israel with you someday.
    Very appreciative,

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