Gilbert House Fellowship #303: Numbers 11-13

IT’S EASY to criticize the Hebrews of Moses’ day for their lack of faith. After all, hadn’t they seen the plagues that compelled Egypt to let them go, the parting of the Red Sea, and the manna that miraculously appeared six days a week?

We’re not in their shoes. When we take a good, hard look at ourselves, we see that we’re not all that different.

This week, we discuss that complaints of the Israelites that provoked God into sending so much quail to eat that it became “loathsome” to them, followed by “a very great plague.”

Route traveled by the twelve spies. Click for larger version.

Then we look at the mission of the twelve spies sent to reconnoiter the land of Canaan. We explain why the “descendants of Anak” at Hebron were probably not literal demigods but worshipers of the demonic Rephaim (spirits of the Nephilim destroyed in the Flood), why Anakim, contrary to what you may have heard, does not mean “long-necks,” and then Sharon surprises Derek with an important connection between Anak and “king” that will be in his next book.

NOTE: New dates for our tour of Israel! We will lead our next tour through the Holy Land March 25–April 3, 2025, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan featuring visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Our special guests are Timothy Alberino, Dr. Judd Burton, and Doug Van Dorn!

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  1. Awesome! I enjoy all of your content soo much and it has been a blessing to study with you. Praise be to Yahweh, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!!

  2. Is there any truth to claims that about 45 books are missing from the Bible?

  3. I find it interesting that Joshua was of the tribe of Ephraim, which was a gentile tribe. Joshua and Jesus…both names mean “his name is salvation”. Joshua of the gentile tribe leads them into the promised land and Jesus
    leads us gentiles into the promised land.

  4. Were the Nephilim offspring called the Gibborim?

  5. The audio failed to load on my app (Castbox) this week.

    1. Author

      Sorry to hear about your trouble, but that appears to be a Castbox issue.

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