Gilbert House Fellowship #302: Numbers 9-10

WE’D LIKE to say that we planned to read about Israel’s first Passover celebration after leaving Egypt on this Passover weekend, but we didn’t. God’s scheduling is clearly much better than ours.

We discuss the importance of the Passover and the reason the Israelites waited more than a month to decamp and begin moving from Sinai, the connection between Sinai and Paran, and the significance of the silver trumpets God directed Moses to create to summon and warn the tribes of Israel.

We also share a few of the reasons we believe Sinai was in the vicinity of Petra in Jordan rather than further south in Arabia—and why we believe it was the site of the original Kaaba.

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  1. You guys understand that the biblical Israelites were of color

    1. Really doesn’t matter what their color was. All that time wandering in the desert would make anyone darkened from the sun.

  2. Hobab means “beloved friend”. Yes, Moses requested his help because he lived in the area and was familiar with the desert.

    The silver trumpets helped to bring the people together, just as the coming of Christ is called the “gathering together” (see 2 These. 2:1 and Eph. 1:10).

  3. Bab Al Siqit = Gate of the Shaft?
    From Wikipedia:
    The Siq (Arabic: السيق‎, transliterated al-Sīq, transcribed as-Sīq,[a] literally ‘the Shaft’) is the main entrance to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra in southern Jordan. Also known as Siqit, it is a dim, narrow gorge (in some points no more than 3 metres (10 ft) wide) and winds its way approximately 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) and ends at Petra’s most elaborate ruin, Al Khazneh (the Treasury). A wide valley outside leading to the Siq is known as the Bab as-Sīq (Gateway to the Siq).

    1. That’s an interesting piece of information! Maybe an escape route or secret passage?

  4. I really like the depth of your studies and helping us with insights into the history around the passages you discuss. Most others are shallow and broad (Cliff Notes versions 🙂 in their presentations. It’s also scary studying the “dark side”, but we need the whole picture. Think back in our generation – we never heard any of this – no preacher would teach it because people couldn’t handle it. We missed out on years of knowledge! All milk – no meat.
    I still struggle with the Rapture idea – I cannot find any good scriptures for it to make sense to me Pre-Trib. Maybe pre-wrath makes more sense (not subject to God’s wrath). Feels like the Tribulation right now with evil trying to destroy us with “vaxes”.

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