Gilbert House Fellowship #293: Leviticus 16

THE SCAPEGOAT is a concept that originated at Mount Sinai.

This week, we discuss God’s commandment to send a goat into the wilderness for Azazel, similar rites in northern Syria and southern Anatolia in the days of the patriarchs, and the role of Azazel (or Asael), one of the Watchers who descended to Mount Hermon in the days of Jared, in teaching humanity forbidden knowledge.

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  1. Loved the study. You make it enjoyable to read and understand. Thank you

  2. Chuck Missler has a teaching on the tolah worm that turns from red to white when it dies.

  3. You guys are a great example of what Christians are supposed to be. I appreciate your ministry as one who’s searching and struggling to be more Christ like. It is so true, we cannot repay evil for evil, we need to encourage one another and pray for our enemies no matter how hard it may be.

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