Gilbert House Fellowship #262: Genesis 19:30-22:24

HE SURVIVED the destruction of Sodom, but Lot didn’t seem very happy about it.

This week, we discuss the aftermath of the fiery destruction of the cities of the plain, which also leveled Jericho, according to archaeologists. Lot and his daughters retreated into the hills and lived a hermit-like existence in a cave overlooking the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. Their isolation led to the incestuous creation of the nations of Moab and Ammon, longtime enemies of Israel in the centuries that followed.

Then we discuss Abraham’s deception of Abimelech, the king of Gerar, and one of the stranger events in the Bible, the binding of Isaac. Why would Abraham agree to God’s test, to the point that his knife was out, ready to “slaughter”—a Hebrew term (shachat) used elsewhere in the Old Testament for human sacrifice—his only son by Sarah?

Map of Abraham’s travels in Canaan and Egypt (click to enlarge)

Here is the timeline Derek mentioned during the study. Bear in mind that these dates are not universally accepted and mainly show the sequence of events.

  • Amorite kingdom of Babylon founded — 1894 BC
  • Abraham arrives in Canaan — 1876 BC
  • Destruction of Sodom — 1852 BC
  • Isaac born to Sarah — 1851 BC
  • Isaac marries Rebekah — 1811 BC
  • Hammurabi crowned king of Babylon — 1792 BC
  • Jacob and Esau born — 1791 BC
  • Abraham dies — 1776 BC
  • Hyksos (Amorites) rule Lower Egypt — c. 1750 BC
  • Jacob arrives in Egypt — 1661 BC
  • Ahmose drives Hyksos out of Egypt — c. 1550 BC
  • Moses leads the Exodus — 1446 BC
  • Joshua leads the Conquest — 1406 BC

NOTE: New dates for our 2024 tour of Israel! We will lead our next tour through the Holy Land November 1–10, 2024 (dates pending confirmation with Lipkin Tours, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan featuring visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Our special guest is Timothy Alberino!

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  1. Gen 21:17 I remembered that Ishmael’s name means “God has heard”

  2. Gen 22:17 Notice that Isaac is no longer mentioned in Scripture until he returns when he takes a bride. Just as Jesus returns for HIS bride.

  3. Derek, This is out of place, but I want to be part of Gilbert House… I’ 83, & not very tech savvy 🙄
    I started looking for your email after watching 5 in 10 on Drones to tell you that I love your Sense of Humor….your remark on the new Toilets was Priceless about their identifying system being a polar opposite from Facial Recognition. I haven’t laughed that hard since my Husband Flew Away almost 27yrs. ago…..he had a wonderful sense of humor…gave me 2 or 3 great laughs a day ! I’ve laughed off & on all day today ! Thank you❣️

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