Gilbert House Fellowship #255: Gen. 10-11; Deut. 32:8-9

Artist’s depiction of the Tower of Babel, the unfinished Temple 1 level at Eridu (southeastern Iraq).

BEFORE WE pick up the story of Abraham, some context: When God divided the nations after the Tower of Babel incident, He placed them under the supervision of “sons of God,” angelic beings who were charged with carrying out His will while supervising His creation.

We explain why understanding what happened at and after Babel is crucial to understanding the long supernatural war depicted in the Bible, not to mention the state of our fallen world today.

Articles mentioned in this week’s study:

Here’s a link to the Table of Nations at the Jewish Encyclopedia. And here’s another page with the Table of Nations at Lambert Dolphin’s website.

Click here for the complete archive of our New Testament Bible studies to date, and click here for the Old Testament studies to date. Or go to for all of the audio.


  1. Hi Derek you probably don’t remember me but the first time I heard you speak many years ago I’m 70 now so I don’t remember but I wrote to you immediately and told you you are the man with the golden voice so I had to laugh a little bit when I heard Sharonu have a great manly voice what took her so long ha ha but I Watch you all the time and your beautiful wife Sharon is great and you to make a pair made in heaven thank you both for all you do and bring to the audience I know you both Work very hard I pray God will bless you and keep you safe and prosper I got that word from the spark of the starship enterprise how about the symbol Donald pick for the space program pretty cool .

  2. Thank you to both of you for your studies in His word. I was reading in Jasher 7:24-30 were Cush gave the garments of skin that God made for Adam and His wife. When Nimrod put on the skins he became strong is this ( when he began to be). It’s just like the devil to use the things of God and turn it into his evil ways. Just thinking appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

  3. Hi Derek!

    I was listening to a pastor who stated in Genesis chapter 9:22, Ham saw the nakedness (Leviticus 18) of his father which meant, Ham has sex with his mother who bore Canaan 9 months later. That’s the reason why Noah cursed Canaan, and not Ham. I’ve never heard anyone else make this claim, and I don’t know how he calculated that Noah cursed Canaan 9 months later. Could you please comment on this?

      1. I too heard the Pastor when he made that statement. Whether or not it is true none of us were there, but, I know the Pastor and he goes to Israel every year and studies with the Rabbis. It was a Rabbi that communicated this knowledge to him and I feel he got it from other writings that the Jews would have been privileged to have.

  4. Blessings to you both! I listen to your podcast each week and have been so very impacted and blessed (Although, I’m thankful we are out of Job – not because of your study, it was excellent as always – but there seemed to be an influx of, well, “challenges” in my life! Never pray for patience or study Job apparently! 😉
    Thank you for all the posted links and additional information. I was curious about the table of nations information that you mentioned listing the sons of Noah with the various tribes/countries. Could there be a link for that?

  5. is it possible Dan 2:43 iron and clay mix with seed of men is the same as Gen 6
    some type of human hybrid?the image in chap 2 speaks of kingdoms maybe the little g gods of those kingdoms as well. Rev:13 tells of a talking image Dan 3 is about a giant image maybe i have to many thoughts going at the same time.

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