Gilbert House Fellowship #237: Genesis 8-9

THE SONS of Noah divided the world between them. It appears that the youngest, Ham, made a power play to usurp the birthright of his older brothers — by having incestuous relations with his mother.

This week, we discuss the aftermath of the Flood. We talk about the symbol of the rainbow, God’s command to Noah and his sons to fill the earth, and His prohibition on eating blood.

We also unpack the odd story of the cursing of Canaan (Gen. 9:20-27) and what Ham actually did to bring that curse about his son. The Faithlife Study Bible explains:

No combination of the relevant Hebrew words—ra’ah (“see”), galah (“uncover”), and erwah (“nakedness”)—occurs in the OT in reference to homosexuality. The Hebrew phrase for “uncovering the nakedness of [a man]” actually refers to sexual intercourse with a man’s wife. For example, in a literal rendering of Lev 18:7, “the nakedness of your father” means “the nakedness of your mother”; in Lev 18:14, a literal rendering of “the nakedness of your father’s brother” is clarified as “his wife” and “your aunt” (see Lev 18:8; 20:11, 20, 21). Although the usual expression in Leviticus is to “uncover [galah in Hebrew] the nakedness,” both idioms are used in parallel in Lev 20:17. Therefore, Ham’s offense may have been maternal incest and the forcible rape of his mother. This explains the curse of Ham’s son that follows.

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  1. Derek and Sharon,
    I watch/listen to all of your broadcasts and enjoy your writings.
    You’ve done it again with the latest Genesis study. Lots of good information.
    I was especially intrigued at about 52:25 minutes in when Sharon mentioned epigenetic inheritance. I immediately thought of the claims of some that there is an actual bloodline that is carrying the seed of the of the evil one resulting in the birth of the antichrist/beast. Or there could be a “Rosemary’s Baby” type of situation.
    We live in very interesting times as our Lord Jesus leads us on this sojourn.

  2. Really enjoying this, and learning things I didn’t understand. My church doesn’t preach on Revelation and I’m enjoying unraveling Revealations too! Thank you and God bless you both, and Sharon you are in my prayers, praying for God’s healing

  3. These were in my notes. (I regret I don’t know from whose teachings I learned this.)
    8:3 The life span of a locust is 5 months.
    8:4 The ark rested on the Feast of Firstfruits; same day as Jesus resurrection.
    Ararat means “the curse reversed”.

    1. Author

      Hi, Janie: We did not know that about the locust. Interesting how that connects back to the timing of the waters receding after the Flood!

      The ark rested on the 17th day of the 7th month, which is Tishri. First fruits is the 17th day of the first month, Nisan. Not sure about Ararat, but I believe it’s the Greek form of the Hebrew spelling of the name of the ancient kingdom of Urartu, which was in the area of modern Armenia.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        I found the definition for Ararat under the Bible study tools website and its NAS Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon. Hope this helps!

  4. 9:4 Blood is to be used on the altar for atonement of sins (see Lev. 17:11).
    9:5,6 if not repented of, and the criminal dealt with, the land where the blood was shed could eventually become cursed (see Deut. 21: 1-9)
    9:21-25 Is it possible that Canaan was the one who had sexual relations with Noah’s wife?

  5. Thank you both I am enjoying this study very much, as a former Catholic (born into) as I dug into scripture things weren’t adding up bells, smells, and veneration! I have all your books looking forward to Veneration. Things I’ve learned i e., St Christopher was 12-18 ft. God Bless you both On a side note I listened to a story Tom Horn told about his mother and eye drops and “seeing things” I hadn’t heard any more on it I remember Sharon mentioned doing research on it have you learned any more about it? Thanks again

  6. HI guys,
    I really need your help as this is something that is really burdening me and is quite heavy.
    How do you go about dealing with Christmas? I am really torn with this and do not know how to manage it….

    1. Author

      Hi, David,

      Thank you for your note. I wrote a piece to address the issue. You can find it here.

  7. About the raven… do you think they might have been carrion eaters at the time? They are later designated as unclean (Lev. 11:15). There would be a lot of floating rotting carcasses floating around to eat as well as floating logs and debris to land on.
    Thanks for your podcast!

  8. Chuck Missler clams the earth had a 360 day solar year until Hezekiah’s sundial step episode. 7th month = nisan before the exodus when God change it. Noah on the ark a total of 378 days from the death of Metheselah through 27th day of the 2nd month (oct-Nov)

    1. I’m late listening to Derek and Sharon’s Gen. 8-9. I agree with Troy Mosher that the seven month is not Tishri but Nisan. Exodus 12 has not occurred and God has not started a new calendar. Maybe in the next episode #238 Derek will mention the mistake.
      Derek/Sharon keep up the great work. Love revealing revelation.

      1. Author

        Hi, Jim: Thank you for your kind words!

        All the research I’ve seen is that the Babylonian calendar established Nisanu (Nisan) as the first month of the (ecclesiastical) year at least three hundred years before the Exodus. Tishri is the first month of the civil calendar, seventh month of the ecclesiastical.

  9. Derek, Thanks for letting Josh know about his chat form.

    I can’t believe what a great job you and Sharon do at just staying focused.

    As I mentioned in my first email I want to write a book mostly for young unsaved people but also to Christians to bring them back to the true Gospel.

    There is so much evil and weirdness going on in the world today that for someone with A.D.D I find myself chasing so many squirrels. It’s very hard to stop researching and just start writing. I feel so strongly about this that I don’t want to leave anything important out but I don’t want to take so long that I’m too late…
    Right now My Kindle reader on my PC is stretched to the gills with Tom Horn’s books and Dr. Michael Heiser’s books and Carl and Zev’s books and Deane Lopers book on the Return of the Kosher Pig and Josh Peck and Steven Bancarz not to mention the older works of Harry Ironside and just
    studying the Bible in E-Sword and reading papers you’ve mentioned about ancient history…

    Not to mention the fact that I have been compelled to do a video for my church who unfortunately
    allowed in a professor from Multnomah University who just went the Kabbala route and reconstructed
    the New and Old Testament and since I had to spend 3 hours answering my son’s questions about what he heard and now on top of it they just a 5-g tower put on top and just started a new Awana curriculum featuring Star Wars….

    Other than telling me to buy one of your books – wink wink smile… Any suggestions on how to stay focused on the task in this world of ever-growing insanity? With all the books
    you and Sharon have written in the last 3 years you two must have some stash of secrets.

    God bless you two!!!!!!!!!

    1. Author

      Hi, Brad: The secret is lots of strong coffee. 🙂

      Seriously, there’s no question it’s hard to stay on task, especially if you have kids around. We tend to be homebodies, so it’s easier to carve out big blocks of time for projects without being interrupted. That’s it, as much as anything else.

      Well, that and we’re both wired weird. My parents literally had to touch me to get my head out of a book back in the day. That kind of focus helps when you’re trying to write but it can be really aggravating to the people around you.

      1. Yeah, I’m a homebody pretty much too. Satan has attacked and I’ve lost another job, trying to stay focused for people that need the truth. I know what you mean, I’m such a book nerd I’ve got 4 in a draw that I read from time to time on the throne (yeah I know TMI) and there’s always kindle.

        Well, at least we’re not in our old apartment any more where demons would drag rocks along the wall when we were upstairs. I can definitely relate to your outdoor table.

        The more we do the right thing for Jesus (the real and only Messiah) the more the dark one’s minions attack us and try to take us off task.
        I can’t begin to tell you how many times Satan has tried to bump me off or tear me down.

        I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys. We’re like this close to giving up on going to “church” and just watching SWtv and listening to you two on Sunday. Ahh, I’m getting off-topic and this is your chat, not mine. I’m just really frustrated discovering one church after another that I devote energy and prayer and hope, is just another Laodicea.

        1. Author

          Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about your job situation. That’s something I experienced to often during my radio career and I know the stress it brings.

  10. Hello Derek and Sharon. Are you aware of a growing interest among Christians into Time Travel? It certainly sounds like Transcendental Meditation. Praying Medic says it’s different BUT gives a really lame explanation for it. Twisted would be a better word! There are many YouTube vids by him and Mike Parsons. Willing oneself to go to the Courts of Heaven, traveling back in time, etc.
    I would love to see you do several programs on this.

    When asked by someone if this was biblical… the explanation was that he didn’t know Greek and Hebrew, so how can you tell if it’s unbiblical!
    We’re living in evil times and this is very popular among certain Christians! I have a friend involved in this. She used to teach SS!

    Your input would be appreciated! Blessings!


    1. Author

      Hi, Barbara: Thanks for the heads up. We’ll have to look into this.

      Sharon actually explores the concept of time as a prison of sorts for the angels. Very interesting stuff.

    2. Barbara – I will bow to Sharon’s wisdom on this but I would tender a thought process using pure logic and the old theological statement of Sola Scriptura…

      If it’s not talked about in the Bible in either the old or new testament or talked about by Jesus, or Peter, or Paul or James or John or Daniel or Ezekial… it’s probably not something we should attempt if it was even possible. It seems like it might even be under the purvue of Steven Bancarz or Josh Peck. It seems like something perhaps a demon might have given someone to take them off track. It sounds like an out of body experience where perhaps a demon is tricking people into thinking that they are going to the courts of heaven.

      My 1 question would be why would they want to go back in time when the Bible and some Non-Canonical books (like Enoch 1) have everything we need as told by Peter and Paul and John.

      With People like Kabbalist teacher Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira pushing the return of the Kosher Pig and turning people like and Mark Biltz and Benny Hinn and possibly Perry Stone to his side towards the innocence of Noahide and that Jesus Christ (the Virgin born and true Messiah) isn’t the true Messiah and that we should turn our allegiance to Metatron aka Baal-zebub, aka any of the God’s Derek has taught about aka Lucifer… I think real Christians should come together in faith and preach and live the gospel to a lost world. We as Christians know that we’re going home either in a pre-trib Harpadzo or if we’re killed as martyrs we’re going home to the true Messiah. However, there are millions of people who are unsaved that don’t have a clue what Noahide law is or what Kabbalist Jews are. (Before anyone accuses me of being Anti-Semitic – I cry over Jerusalem. I also cry tears of great joy every time I hear Messianic teacher Zev Purat tell another story of the thousands of Jews coming to the true Yeshua Ha’Meshiac in Israel.)

      1. Ps. I know you’ve probably seen enough of me for one day 🙂 but the boss, aka my wife, wants me to ask what your take is on Noahide law.

        Zev spoke out against it, Michael Heiser talked about it and let much go in the ditch and left far too much unsaid, that he could have talked about. (nothing against him, learned a lot from him in his videos and books (reading Reversing Hermon now). I don’t believe only people with his education can understand and read Greek and Hebrew and understand the Bible. The only thing I can hope is that he is leaving it to someone else to finish where he left off which is why I’ve been working on a video for the last 2 months but I don’t have a professional studio or editor so it goes slowly.

        1. Since you’ve been talking about Genesis as a precursor or foreshadowing of Revelation… Thought I’d ask in this chat since you’re also talking about Genesis (conveniently enough) 🙂 in the Fellowship

        2. Author

          Noahide Law is encouraged by some Jewish religious leaders. According to their beliefs, following the seven laws makes one a “righteous Gentile,” assured of a place in the world to come.

          There’s nothing wrong with the Noahide Laws themselves as they are all things we Christians should agree with. The issue is trusting in those laws for salvation. We are saved by grace through faith in Christ and nothing else. For that reason, we won’t identify as Noahides.

  11. Hello Derek and Sharon,

    I have recently joined in your online fellowship… I thank God for the ways He works in your lives and uses you! My husband and I also tune into Skywatch online… we live in Stockholm, Sweden. What a blessing it is to be able to access important and biblical teachings!

    Coincidently, I have finished reading the NT, with the exception of Revelation as I am also watching Unraveling Revelation and plan to go thru it with you… and I have gone back to the OT beginning… and then I find your fellowship… isn’t God too cool? Anyways, in today’s fellowship (#237.. around 40 min. in), you guys wondered about when the animals became carnivores… after the flood or were they before the flood but God prevented it during their time on the Ark…. well, as it turns out, I had just read Gen 1 and remembered reading about that very topic…. my understanding from Gen. 1:29-30 is that every creature, including all the wildlife were given every green plant for food by God. So my guess is that wild animals became carnivores after the flood. Do you get the same understanding from that?

    1. Author

      Hi, Pamela: Thank you for listening! Yes, that makes sense.

  12. Thank you so much for your studies. I have learned so very much from you all. I love it. I have a question since Adam and Eve where part of the council in the garden they where comfortable talking to beings. So when the nahash showed up-she was not afraid to talk to it?

    1. Author

      Hi, Loretta: That would make sense. The Bible doesn’t make it appear that she was surprised at all.

  13. Perry Stone suggests that as Ham told his brothers of his father’s nakedness Canaan over heard and before his Uncles were able to cover Noah, Canaan performed a sexual act on Noah. Thus Noah “saw” what “his youngest son” (Ham’s youngest son, Canaan) had done (the evidence being the presence of semen) and that is why Canaan was cursed, not Ham. He also says Canaan’s descendants were the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah further providing proof of the curse on Canaan for his incestuous, homosexual act. This theory bothered me at first but the more I considered it the more it made sense. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this after considering this to be a possible truth.

  14. Hello! Thank you so much for doing this podcast. It’s been a real blessing. I just wanted to ask a question about the whole uncovering the nakedness episode. If what happened was a forcible incest, how did Japheth and Shem walk backwards with a sheet and covered their father without looking at him? Does that represent something else or is it literal?

    1. I still wonder if it wasn’t Canaan who had relations with Noah’s wife and maybe that’s why Canaan was cursed.

      1. Hi, Jane,

        Since the Bible specifically says it was Ham who “saw the nakedness of his father,” we’d have to go with him. Canaan may have been the child of this union, which would explain the curse. See Leviticus 18:7 and 20:17. The euphemism clearly indicates illicit sexual activity.

  15. I’m concerned about Sam T. Where is he when you travel ? We have a beautiful little Dachshund daughter and know how difficult
    it is to leave her behind. I like you two for many
    reasons, but Sam T sealed my connection.
    Thank you for your careful handling of God’s
    Norma F. Lunn
    South Carolina

    1. Author

      Hi, Norma: Sam is in good hands when we travel. Eileen owns a pet grooming business in town and she is the Dachshund Whisperer! Sam goes over to her place every Thursday for a play date. She has helped Sam overcome his anxiety about being around other dogs, because she has a few rescue dogs that live at the shop. In fact, he gets excited when he sees our suitcases comes out because he really likes hanging out with his pack.

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