Gilbert House Fellowship #220: Zechariah 12-14

APOCALYPTIC PROPHECIES of the coming Day of the Lord are the focus of the last three chapters of Zechariah. Today we discuss the prophet’s vision of the final battle of the age and compare it to Armageddon and the war of Gog and Magog.

We also talk about the aftermath, the millennial reign (although Zechariah doesn’t call it that), and the final world order, when God rules and reigns over the entire world from Jerusalem.

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3 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #220: Zechariah 12-14

  1. Sherry Ackerman

    Thank you for this study ! I learned a lot that I did not already know. Looking forward to the next chapter . God speed ! ! <3

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  3. cheryl balmer

    1st time!!! So interesting. Always more to learn about our great GOD!!!

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