Gilbert House Fellowship #219: Zechariah 8-11

GOD PROMISED that the tears and fasting of the Jews who’d returned to Jerusalem would be turned to joyous feasting. Then we turn to prophecies of God’s judgment against the unrepentant nations on the Day of Yahweh.

We analyze Zechariah’s references to specific places, such as Tyre, Sidon, Greece, Damascus, Lebanon, and Bashan, a clear prophecy of Judas Iscariot, and a mysterious “worthless shepherd” who is almost certainly the Antichrist.

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  1. Wow ! What a strong meat study ! Did not know about the eye & arm identity of false prophets. I am thinking of current leaders in our government. <3 God speed ! !

  2. First time I’ve listened… I can’t believe how deep this was. I love it. Just subscribed to the podcast.
    Thanks and Blessings in Jesus.

  3. I am glad I found this study. Glad it’s somewhat over my head. Listening more than once.
    I’m blessed to have recently four House of Covenant in Bend Orego. Our study in Joel was several months long. Finally. I have brethren who are like Bereans, knowing the times we live in.
    Damascus could evaporate any day. I often wonder how much we’ll be here to witness.
    Will stay tuned if I don’t forget.
    I listen to the best end times teachers on the web several hours a day but this verse by verse study is the most informative.
    Bless you and yours.

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