Gilbert House Fellowship #181: Jeremiah 33-37

SPEAKING TRUTH can be dangerous. The last days of Judah’s independence before the destruction of the Temple by Nebuchadnezzar are chronicled in this week’s study of the book of Jeremiah.

We discuss the message given to the prophet by God and what happened as a result. It’s a reminder that preaching the actual Word of God is not a path to popularity and prosperity.

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Click here for the complete archive of our New Testament Bible studies to date, and click here for the Old Testament studies to date. Or go to for all of the audio.


  1. This is about #179, I’m a little behind. My 6 doxies send high laws to Sam! They also say to tell mom to buy him an outdoor carpet to put in the sun. It is our favorite for rolling on. Love, RC, Beeker, Boomie, Digger, Jasmine, Bear.

    P.s. Tell her our mom really loves and appreciates the bible studies and makes us listen with her. 😀

  2. That is high paws, not laws. Freudian slip? Too much D bargains human handl ing?

  3. I give up. Autocorrect won.

  4. Derek and Sharon, Thank you so much for this teaching. I finally had an opportunity to listen. I have been watching your programs at Skywatch. I am at home recovering from a stroke that I had on December 5th. Thank you so much. You are such blessings in my life. I have been able to share some of your programs with my son, my granddaughter, and some other family members. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry! I do pray for you when prompted by the Holy Spirit.

    1. Author

      Thank you! We consider this high praise. We pray your recovery is quick and smooth!

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