Gilbert House Fellowship #175: Zephaniah; Jeremiah 1-2

A day of wrath is that day, a day of distress and anguish, a day of ruin and devastation, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and thick darkness… Zeph. 1:15 (ESV)

YOU’D THINK that prophets of Yahweh during the reign of good king Josiah would have been a little more upbeat. Not so much.

Zephaniah’s prophecy of the Day of YHWH (Day of the Lord), when the wrath of God against the apostate kingdom of Judah is echoed by Jeremiah, as they warned of a day when He will pour out His wrath on an unbelieving world.

Zephaniah also prophesied against the next-door neighbors of Israel, Moab, Ammon, the Canaanites, and the Philistines, and in a remarkable passage (Zeph. 2:11), the prophet warns “the gods of the earth” that they would be razah–“famished” or “weakened”.

This is a direct reference to rituals performed by the Amorites to summon the ilnym ars (in Hebrew, elohim eretz) — spirits of the Rephaim (i.e., the Nephilim) — to ritual meals held in their honor. Derek will include a section on this in a book he plans to write for 2018.

But to conclude on a positive note, Zephaniah exhorts Judah to rejoice, for a day is coming when their sins will be forgiven and their fortunes restored — a promise in which all who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior will share.

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  1. Good evening
    Going through Nehemiah 4. Noticed something about the name Sanballat. So I looked up the name. San b allat means the moon god gives life. Allah is a moon god. Allat is the moon goddess, said to be daughter of allah . San(sin) means the moon god brings forth. Does sanballat mean the moon god brings forth the moon goddess(allat)? Interesting
    Then I found the Shoebat page. Do you cover this in your book?

    God bless

  2. The player is playing #176 instead of #175

    1. Author

      Sorry about that! It’s been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

      1. Thank you and you are welcome, I should add that I just tabbed over to #176 and the player has #177 on it, there seems to be a frame shift mutation, not sure how deep it goes.

        P.S. love talking about Jesus verses the wanna be storm gods every Thursday (Thor’s day)

  3. Jesus was in the tomb 3 days so that He rose on First Fruits. The Jews of the time believed that the spirit left the body after 3 days, which is why Jesus left Lazerus’ in the tomb until the fourth day.

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