Gilbert House Fellowship #174: 2 Kings 22-23; 2 Chr 34-35

JOSIAH IS remembered as one of the best kings of the House of David — indeed, he was the last good king of Israel.

King Josiah repaired the Temple, brought back the Law, and restored the Passover celebration, which hadn’t been kept properly since the days of the prophet Samuel.

Josiah also tore down the high places, destroyed the altars to Molech, Chemosh, and Baal, and removed the Asherim and the houses of the male cult prostitutes that had been built inside the Temple of Yahweh!

Sadly, Josiah met an untimely end when he chose to do battle with Pharaoh Necho of Egypt at Megiddo in 609 B.C. And even though his reforms brought Judah back to the Lord, the sins of his grandfather, Manasseh, were so great that God only delayed His punishment of the kingdom of Judah until after Josiah’s death.

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  1. You two are just awesome. You’re just regular folks, and I appreciate that! Sharon: first, my birthday was yesterday too–Oct 28 is the best day–LOL! And too–my mom and I make a game of thrifting. The object is to find the biggest names in the best condition. I’m in the position where I have to be a good steward of my income too.

    I have been Shatnered in my life. Several years ago, the conductor of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra composed “Exodus”, and it was about the ten plagues of Egypt and Passover. Shatner was the narrator–but it was supposed to have been my man, Leonard Nimoy. I bought the tix intending to get so close as to know if he had halitosis. Well… Looking back, and now understanding how sick LN was, his health may have been a part of his absence. Anyway, he apparently picked up the phone and asked his BFF Bill if he could take his place in Little Rock and he said sure. I was extremely disappointed (!!!!!!!) but after the presentation I can’t imagine Shatner *not* being narrator. But I can say I was in the same room as Shatner. Y’all can say the same–even if none of us got to meet him.

    I really enjoyed your podcast! It is such a blessing. I’m not able to attend church because of RA and Fibromyalgia. You two are so much fun to listen to because of your humor and your insight of Biblical history. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. It is truly appreciated! I hope to continue to watch and follow you until the Lord comes for us… Praying for God’s blessings to be yours! Grace-Anne the Shih Tzu (who was a “Sci-Friday Science” presenter last year) sends her best to Sam T. They can be a whole other post in and of themselves!!!

    1. Author

      Camille: Thank you for your kind words! We loved Grace-Anne’s intro on SciFriday, and we’re honored to be a guest in your home each week.

  2. I was watching a Steve Quayle piece the other day. Then, the ad comes for buying food that lasts for years, for a bad season and in our troubled times. Beef stew, chicken wings, etc. It was sickening. Trying to capitalize on this! I’m thinking, if some aweful thing happened, no food, no water? Then what? As superficial Americans, do we then pull out this ‘survival’ food and pretend we’re camping? Man, if tribulations come, I’d have 5 gallon bucket of rice. Just swallow it down dry. It’s SURVIVAL for goodness sake, not a camping trip. And, the Prices for the food he was selling? Absurdly outrageous! And then, he preaches Jesus? It really makes me sick.

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