Gilbert House Fellowship #59: Luke 1-2, Matthew 1, John 1

Adoration_of_the_ShepherdsTODAY WE begin our study of the New Testament, which we will follow in chronological order just as we’re doing with the Old Testament. Our readings today begin the story of Jesus, the Christ.

We discuss the differences between the styles and intended audiences of Matthew, Luke, and John, all of whom, in their own way, establish right from the start the bona fides of Jesus as the rightful heir of the kingdom of David and the kingdom of God.

Here is the link Derek promised to the video presentation by Dr. Michael Heiser making a case for the birth date of Jesus as September 11, 3 B.C.:  Astral Prophecy and Revelation 12 (note: Derek incorrectly said the “woman clothed in the Sun” prophecy was in Revelation 11).

Click here for the reading order of the Old Testament, and click here for the reading order of the New Testament in the Gilbert House Fellowship.


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7 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #59: Luke 1-2, Matthew 1, John 1

  1. Thank you so much for this bible study, it has brought me home. God Bless you and yours.

  2. EGR

    Derek said that Jesus was the prince of the power of the air @2:16. You may want to put in a correction for that.

    I enjoy you both. My wife and I watch you in SkyWatch. Praying for you guys! Much love!!

    • Gail

      Excellent audio editing skills, unless you are listening it is easy to miss that error, satan is described as the prince of the power of the air, which could be a testament to the saturation of every evil thought & intent in Hollywoods fiims, deceptions through mainstream news media, and corrupt vile content of television in general

  3. Jamie Schultz

    I am enjoying your study and am wondering where the show notes pdf that is referenced is located please

  4. Shonna

    Thank you guys so much for taking your time to make this bible study! I just started reading the Bible and choose Matthew as my first chapter. I was a bit confused so my husband referred me to your bible study. I wish that I would have listened to this 1st!

    I feel like I have a road map now. I am excited to really dig in with you at my side giving me the much needed insight.

    Thank you!!!

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