Gilbert House Fellowship #27: Exodus 27-31

The_Ten_Commandments_(Bible_Card)OUR WEEKLY study continues in the Book of Exodus. Moses is on the holy mountain receiving the Testimony from Yahweh: Instructions on how to build the altar of sacrifice, the altar of incense, and the importance of blood for purification.

What is holiness? Is it a moral code, or something else? If it refers inherently to a standard of behavior, how can there be such a thing as “holy ground”, or, for that matter, garments, utensils, and anointing oil that were deemed “holy” by God?


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  1. Donnalea Hodgkinson

    It was interesting to hear Sharon mention the Temple Institute and their preparations for building a new temple in Jerusalem, in the archives in 2016. It is now 2019 and this is all a “hot” subject of news at this time. So much has happened to make this all an actual possibility. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  2. Lare Mitchell

    I just love y’all studies. I have no one to study with. Dear Dereck please do say uhm so much

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