Gilbert House Fellowship #20: Genesis 43-47

joseph_meets_his_brothersOUR FIRST Bible study from the Ozarks! We pick up our study of the Book of Genesis at chapter 43: Famine grips the Ancient Near East, forcing Joseph’s brothers to return to Egypt. They discover his true identity, which sets up the big reunion between Joseph and Jacob.

We also see that God’s plan in bringing Israel to Egypt was not only to preserve the line of the Messiah through the famine, but to set the Hebrews apart from the Canaanites and their abominable religious practices while He transformed them from a family into a nation.

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  1. Hello Derek and Sharon
    I am way behind and I am trying desperately to catch up. So today I have listened to lesson 20 and I am really not understanding two chapters. 47:23 to 24. There is famine and nothing is growing in the land. The Egyptians sold their land and Joseph gave them seed to plant and harvest. If nothing is growing and there is famine, how then can they sow their seed and give to Pharaoh his portion and keep theirs?? I am sorry, sometimes I am a little slow but I just can not connect these chapters.
    God bless you always and forever.


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