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Gilbert House Fellowship #135: 1 Timothy, Titus

Possible route of Paul's 4th missionary journey

Possible route of Paul’s 4th missionary journey (map by Galyn Wiemers, www.generationword.com).
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CHURCH LEADERSHIP and proper behavior for Christians is the focus of Paul’s letters that we study this week. Timothy had been left in charge of the church Ephesus, while Titus had been left on the island of Crete to shepherd the new church there.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #121: 2 Corinthians 5-13

corinthmapOur study of 2 Corinthians concludes this week as Paul counters criticism from “super-apostles” who had apparently wormed their way into the church at Corinth and turned them away from the gospel with impressive public speaking skills.

Paul critiques and encourages the Corinthians, and in so doing reminds us that judging one another on our physical gifts — not just appearance, but speaking ability, writing skills, or other gifts — may blind us to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

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