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Gilbert House Fellowship #289: Leviticus 1-4

GOD GAVE very explicit instructions for the slaughter of animals required for the slaughter of animals for required offerings.

This week, we look at the first four: burnt, grain, peace, and sin offerings. (We’ll get to guilt offering next week.) We note some of the seemingly random requirements, such as slaughtering the bull for the burnt offering on the north side of the altar, and God’s repeated command to burn the long lobe of the liver, the organ used by pagans in their extispicy and haruspicy rituals to divine the future.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #38: Numbers 17-20

red-heifer-sacrificeONE OF the great mysteries of the Bible is the sacrifice of the red heifer. According to Numbers 19, it is required to purify those who come into contact with corpses.

In Jewish tradition, the red heifer has even greater significance. It is believed that the sacrifice of an unblemished red heifer is necessary to restore a state of purity to the world before the Third Temple can be built.

Since we know from the prophets Daniel (chapter 9) and Ezekiel (chapters 40-48) that there will be sacrifices again, which the Antichrist will cause to stop, a temple will be built in Jerusalem. So the birth of an unblemished red heifer would signal another milepost on the prophetic road leading to Christ’s return.

We also discuss the rights and responsibilities of the Levitical priesthood, Moses’ disobedience in striking the rock to bring forth the waters of Meribah, and the deaths of Miriam and Aaron.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #30: Leviticus 4-8

consecrationYAHWEH HAD very specific instructions for the offerings required for sin, guilt, peace, ordination, and even voluntary offerings, and there were precise ways in which the blood, meat, and offal of the sacrificed animals were to be handled by the priests.

We discuss the chapters where those instructions were given to Moses, the ordination of Aaron and his sons, and then compare those sacrifices to the once-for-all sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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