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Gilbert House Fellowship #210: Daniel 6-7

WHILE POLITICS hasn’t changed much in the last 2,500 years, we’re thankful that today being “thrown to the lions” is just a figure of speech. In Daniel’s day, it was apparently an effective way to dispose of political enemies.

Unless, of course, God had other plans.

This week, we discuss the famous story of Daniel in the lion’s den, and then we move on to the prophetic section of the book to analyze the four terrifying beasts of Daniel’s vision, various interpretations of what they represent, and why scholars can’t agree on their meaning after more than two thousand years of study and debate.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #207: Joel 3; Daniel 1-2

End times prophecy is the focus of this week’s study as we conclude the Book of Joel and begin our study of Daniel.

We explain why the third chapter of Joel confirms that the battle of Armageddon will be fought at Jerusalem, and we analyze the first dream of Nebuchadnezzar recorded in the Book of Daniel.

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