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Gilbert House Fellowship #276: Exodus 7-9

IT’S A showdown on the Nile between the God of the Hebrews and the gods of Egypt. However, contrary to what we’ve been taught, the gods of Egypt in Moses’ day weren’t all Egyptian gods.

We discuss the first seven plagues of the Exodus and why we believe a one-to-one correspondence between the plagues and Egyptian gods doesn’t give us the full picture. Psalm 78:48-49 reveals that the seventh plague (hail and fire), which will be echoed in the first trumpet judgment of Revelation 8:7, was the work of supernatural entities called Barad (“hail”) and the Reshephim (“thunderbolts”), described as “a company of destroying angels.”

The Plagues of Egypt (click for larger version)

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Guillermo del Gato (click to enlarge)

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Gilbert House Fellowship #259: Passover and the Triumphal Entry

WE SET aside our chronological reading order this week to look at scripture about the Passover and Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

We explain why these events were more than symbolic; they were acts of war in the spirit realm. We discuss the specific entities targeted at Passover, explain the Amorite kispum ritual, the reason Jesus rode a donkey colt into Jerusalem, why the time and place of the Transfiguration were important in this sequence of events, how the Parable of the Tenants explains the supernatural conflict, and how baptism and the Lord’s Supper fit into the history of this long spiritual war.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #23: Exodus 6-10

seventh_plagueTHIS WEEK we encounter a man who may be the most stubborn person in all of history, the pharaoh of the Exodus. Despite plagues of terrifying proportions and horrific consequences, Pharaoh refused to allow the Hebrews to leave, just as God knew he would.

But that was exactly why God raised Pharaoh to power — so that His name would be proclaimed in all the Earth (Exodus 9:16).

We also discuss an ancient Egyptian text, “The Admonition of Ipuwer”, which seems to parallel the state of affairs in Egypt during the time leading up to the Exodus.

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