MOSES CONTINUES his review of the Law and the history of the Israelites from the time Yahweh brought them out of Egypt. We discuss the land of Bashan and its evil reputation, hints in the text that argue for its authenticity, and the prophecy of Israel’s future dispersal among the nations.Continue Reading

PEOPLE BEING what we are, the Lord had to set rules for dealing with the shedding of human blood. We discuss the avenger of blood, the kinsman-redeemer, and Jesus Christ–our kinsman-redeemer and the future Avenger of Blood on all who reject his offer of salvation.Continue Reading

Balaam son of Beor was a prophet for profit. The frightened king of Moab hired him to curse Israel so that his tiny nation would not be overrun. Instead, Balaam blesses Israel three times. We also discuss the incident in the desert with the fiery serpents (saraph nachash) and the Israelites’ defeat of the giant kings Sihon and Og.Continue Reading