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Gilbert House Fellowship #94: Psalms 65-67, 69-70; 2 Sam 11-12; 1 Chr 20

"You are the man!"

You are the man!”

DAVID IS at the high point of his kingship, and — as happens all too often with us mortals — he decides he isn’t satisfied with the blessings that God has bestowed. Lust drives David to conspire to murder an honest and honorable man, Uriah the Hittite. It results in the death of David and Bathsheba’s illegitimate child and begins a chain of events that culminates in betrayal within his own house.

We also discuss the concept of heavenly books and several messianic passages in the Psalms we read this week, including the prophecy that Jesus would be offered sour wine — vinegar — in his hour of distress. Continue reading

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