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Gilbert House Fellowship #172: 2 Chr 32-33; Nahum

THE DESTRUCTION of Assyria and the prophetic implications of its destruction are the focus of this week’s study.

Although the Assyrians had been used by God to punish the northern kingdom, Israel, for its apostasy, He saved Judah and Jerusalem through miraculous intervention. We discuss Hezekiah and his fall into destructive pride, the sin and repentance of Manasseh, and the brief reign of Manasseh’s son Amon, who obviously didn’t learn a thing from his father’s mistakes.

Then we analyze the prophecy of Nahum against the Assyrian capital of Nineveh and find surprising connections between Assyria and the kingdom that destroyed it, Babylon.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #157: Revelation 14-18

FALLEN, FALLEN is Babylon the Great!

Who or what is Babylon the Great? After 2,000 years that’s still a mystery. We discuss the seven plagues and the seven bowls of God’s wrath, the mark of the Beast, the spirit behind the Great Prostitute, and the nature of the terrifying seven-headed, ten-horned Beast.

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