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Gilbert House Fellowship #278: Exodus 14-15

THE RED SEA crossing is an iconic moment in the Bible, the history of Israel, and in movies (thanks to legendary producer/director Cecil B. DeMille). But it’s way cooler than you might know.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #38: Numbers 17-20

red-heifer-sacrificeONE OF the great mysteries of the Bible is the sacrifice of the red heifer. According to Numbers 19, it is required to purify those who come into contact with corpses.

In Jewish tradition, the red heifer has even greater significance. It is believed that the sacrifice of an unblemished red heifer is necessary to restore a state of purity to the world before the Third Temple can be built.

Since we know from the prophets Daniel (chapter 9) and Ezekiel (chapters 40-48) that there will be sacrifices again, which the Antichrist will cause to stop, a temple will be built in Jerusalem. So the birth of an unblemished red heifer would signal another milepost on the prophetic road leading to Christ’s return.

We also discuss the rights and responsibilities of the Levitical priesthood, Moses’ disobedience in striking the rock to bring forth the waters of Meribah, and the deaths of Miriam and Aaron.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #37: Numbers 12-16, Psalm 90

spiesTHE ISRAELITES have traveled to the border of the Promised Land. Now it’s time to show the people a taste of what Yahweh has in store.

Twelve spies, representing the twelve tribes, are sent into Canaan, and they bring back a report of a land “flowing with milk and honey”. But ten of the twelve are quick to add that the inhabitants are as giants–Anakim, descendants of the Nephilim. How is that possible, if the giants of Genesis 6 were destroyed in the flood?

We discuss the post-Flood incursion of giants, yet more rebellion by the Israelites, and God’s decision to make His people wait a full generation to cross the Jordan River.

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