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Gilbert House Fellowship #64: 1 Samuel 15-20; Psalm 11, 59

david-goliathTHE TRANSITION from the rule of Saul to the kingdom of David is the focus of this week’s study. We see again how Saul proved himself unworthy of the kingship and his multiple attempts to kill David, although David had done nothing to deserve death.

We also discuss the famous confrontation between David and the giant, Goliath of Gath, and two of David’s psalms that date to this period of David’s life.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #58: Ruth 1-4

Ruth_BoazTHE ROLE of the kinsman-redeemer and God’s willingness to accept Gentiles who seek Him are the themes of the Book of Ruth, which records the story of a young widow from Moab who finds favor and “rest”–security–in the person of Boaz, a relative of her late father-in-law.

We discuss the faith and loyalty of Ruth, the love of her mother-in-law Naomi, and the role of Boaz as a Christ figure as he fulfilled the role of kinsman-redeemer–and in the process, became the great-grandfather of David, the future king of Israel.

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