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Gilbert House Fellowship #173: Isaiah 65-66; 2 Kings 20-21

ISAIAH’S PROPHECY of a new heaven and new Earth is the focus of this week’s Old Testament study. We note sections where Isaiah is cited by later prophets, highlight another example of the divine council worldview (God’s condemnation of a ritual meal for the Canaanite gods Gad and Meni), and discuss the parallels between the last chapters of Isaiah and the last chapters of Revelation.

We also return to the history of 2 Kings for Hezekiah’s miraculous healing and a summary of the reign of his wicked son and grandson, Manasseh and Amon.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #172: 2 Chr 32-33; Nahum

THE DESTRUCTION of Assyria and the prophetic implications of its destruction are the focus of this week’s study.

Although the Assyrians had been used by God to punish the northern kingdom, Israel, for its apostasy, He saved Judah and Jerusalem through miraculous intervention. We discuss Hezekiah and his fall into destructive pride, the sin and repentance of Manasseh, and the brief reign of Manasseh’s son Amon, who obviously didn’t learn a thing from his father’s mistakes.

Then we analyze the prophecy of Nahum against the Assyrian capital of Nineveh and find surprising connections between Assyria and the kingdom that destroyed it, Babylon.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #169: 2 Kings 19; Psalms 46, 80, 135; Isa. 50-53

THERE IS a chapter in the Book of Isaiah that is so clearly about the suffering servant, the Messiah, that rabbis have tended to avoid it for centuries.

This week, we discuss the prayer of Hezekiah for deliverance from the army of Assyria, God’s miraculous reply, and the prophecy of Isaiah 53 so powerful that it has essentially been blackballed in modern Judaism.

Click here for comments on Isaiah 53 by respected rabbis through history and a list of New Testament references to Isaiah’s prophecy.

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