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Gilbert House Fellowship #312: Numbers 32-33

Map of Israelite tribal allotments (click to enlarge)

THE THREE most important things when considering real estate are location, location, and location.

This week, we discuss the request of the tribes of Gad and Reuben and the half-tribe of Manasseh to remain east of the Jordan in Gilead and Bashan. Then we recount the stations of the Exodus and explain why certain locations, especially Oboth and Iye-Abarim, were so important.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #56: Judges 6-12

gideon_and_his_300TODAY WE discuss a test of faith most of us hope we never experience: God, in the form of the Angel of Yahweh (another Old Testament Christophany), chose Gideon to lead Israel against the armies of Midian and Amalek, which had been oppressing the Israelites for seven years.  Then He ordered Gideon to send home more than 90% of the troops so that the forces of Israel were outnumbered 400-to-1 (instead of just 4-to-1).

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Map of the judges – click for larger version

We look at the rise and fall of Gideon’s son Abimelech (a name that means “my father is king”, a hint that Gideon’s pride may have gotten the better of him in later life), more minor judges, and the foolish vow of Jephthah.


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Gilbert House Fellowship #54: Joshua 18-24

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JOSHUA NEARS the end of his life and the tribes of Israel still have not taken possession of the land west of the Jordan River. To complete the task, he sends a surveying team to divide Canaan into seven portions (Judah and Ephraim had already claimed theirs), which are then assigned to tribes by casting lots.

We also look at what was almost a civil war between the tribes divided by the Jordan, and the final instructions from Joshua before his death which include the memorable declaration, “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Here is the link Sharon promised to a page devoted to the biblical city of Shiloh.


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