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Gilbert House Fellowship #81: Matthew 17-18, Mark 8

Transfiguration_bloch-2JESUS TAKES command of the enemy’s holy mountain, demonstrating his authority through the Transfiguration on Mount Hermon–the place where the Watchers descended and initiated their plan to corrupt humanity in the days of Noah’s great-great-grandfather Jared.

We also explore several import aspects of Bible doctrine: The hierarchy of the entities in the supernatural realm, the long war between Yahweh and Ba’al (which continues today), and scriptural support for the concept of guardian angels.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #79: Matthew 15-16, Mark 7-8


The gates of Hades at Banias (Caesarea Philippi)

PARALLEL ACCOUNTS of Peter’s declaration of faith at Caesarea Philippi, a site sacred to Pan at the base of Mount Hermon, are featured in our New Testament study this week.

We also see another feeding of a multitude, Jesus’ rebuke of the Pharisees and Sadducees who demanded a sign, and the healing of the demon-possessed daughter of a Gentile woman in the region of Tyre.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #71: Matthew 9, 11; Luke 11

Woe_unto_You_Scribes_and_PhariseesJESUS SAVED his harshest criticism for the self-appointed gatekeepers of the faith, the scribes (lawyers) and Pharisees who became stumbling blocks between the people and God. He also had some very blunt comments about the people of his home town, Capernaum, and nearby Chorazim, saying it would be better at the judgment for the people of Nineveh, Tyre, Sidon, Sodom, and Gomorrah because they, although undeniably wicked, had never witnessed the miracles worked by Christ.

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