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Gilbert House Fellowship #294: Leviticus 17–19

IT’S ANOTHER weird section of scripture this week, which, as you know by now, means it’s important.

In the middle of rules pertaining to sacrifices, God gave this to Moses:

So they shall no more sacrifice their sacrifices to goat demons, after whom they whore.

Leviticus 17:7, ESV

What are goat demons? It’s significant that this warning comes shortly after God instructed Moses and Aaron on the atonement ritual that required a goat be sent into the wilderness for Azazel, who was named as one of the leaders of the Watchers who agreed to rebel against God on the summit of Mount Hermon.

But the Hebrew word se’irim doesn’t necessarily mean “demons.” That’s a choice made by English translators. If, as the early church believed (based on the Book of 1 Enoch), demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim giants destroyed in the Flood, why would they be worshiped as goats? Answer: They probably weren’t.

English translators had to do the best they could with an imperfect understanding of the religious milieu that produced Moses and the Israelites. We discuss the se’irim and the shedim (translated “demons” in Deut. 32:17 and Psalm 106:37), who account for the three references to “demons” in the Old Testament. In fact, we now know, thanks to discoveries within the last fifty years, that the Hebrew word rephaim should be translated “demons” instead of “dead,” “departed,” or “shades.”

We also discuss the laws against sexual immorality in Leviticus 18, the Bible’s first mention of sacrificing children to Molech (or “the king”), and God’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

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Gilbert House Fellowship #293: Leviticus 16

THE SCAPEGOAT is a concept that originated at Mount Sinai.

This week, we discuss God’s commandment to send a goat into the wilderness for Azazel, similar rites in northern Syria and southern Anatolia in the days of the patriarchs, and the role of Azazel (or Asael), one of the Watchers who descended to Mount Hermon in the days of Jared, in teaching humanity forbidden knowledge.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #32: Leviticus 15-18

AzazelGOD TAKES His sanctity, His holiness, very seriously. The statutes given to Moses by Yahweh governing sexual behavior and bodily discharges had some health benefits, but they were mainly intended to set standards of moral purity — especially for those who served in the tabernacle — that contrasted sharply with Canaanite morality (which was, in fact, an oxymoron).

We also discuss the first Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), which required two goats. One was a sin offering, sacrificed to Yahweh; the other had the sins of the people transferred to it by the priest laying his hands on the goat’s head and confessing the sins of the people before it was led into the wilderness and turned loose. This goat was for Azazel.

We discuss the identity of Azazel and why was he considered the embodiment of sin in this ritual of atonement, the nature of the goat-demons (rendered “satyrs” in the KJV) the Israelites had begun to worship in the wilderness, and why God insisted that animals be sacrificed only at the Tent of Meeting.

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