Gilbert House Fellowship #322: Deuteronomy 21–23

THE PUNISHMENT God ordered for a number of sins, ranging from sexual relations before marriage (for women) to rebelling against one’s parents (for sons), seems harsh by today’s standards.

We discuss the cultural and spiritual contexts for a number of things declared sin by God. Many of these things make no sense to us today because we don’t understand the world of the prophets and apostles or how these behaviors were connected to pagan religions of the day.

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7 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #322: Deuteronomy 21–23

  1. Janie Tink

    Could it be possible that Ham saw Canaan lying with Noah’s wife, and that is why Canaan and not Ham was cursed?

    • Hi, Janie: Probably not, since Genesis 9:22 tells us that it was Ham who saw the nakedness of his father. It’s possible that Canaan was born of that illicit union.

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  3. Ella

    Beware – Don’t take any materials, Bibles, or Christian pamplets. You can be arrested…no proselytizing allowed.

  4. Laura Wrede


    I thought you might be interested in this news:

    There is a WORLD WIDE WALK OUT being organized by the Children’s Health Defense starting Nov 3.

  5. Pamela

    Hi, I believe the verses about men and women wearing ther others clothes is really about taking on the gender of the opposite sex. So transgenderism. There are any number of movies and series (even Disney films) where someone has dresses and assumed the mannerisms and identity of their opposite sex and this has caused sexual confusion for the other person as they find out that that person is actually the same sex as themselves. It assists in the formation of lesbian and homosexual relationships.

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