Gilbert House Fellowship #201: Ezekiel 38:1-15

All the nations of the Magog coalition coming from the north were located in modern-day Turkey, as was the “uttermost parts of the north,” a reference to the mountain of Baal.

THE MYSTERY of the identities of Gog and his minions has been the subject of debate for more than 2,500 years. We tackle it in this week’s Bible study.

In a nutshell, we arrive at these conclusions:

  • When he named Persia, Cush, and Put along with a coalition of smaller nations from the north, Ezekiel was actually prophesying that the entire world will come against Israel in the end times.
  • Gomer, Meshech, Tubal, and Beth-Togarmah were nations in what is now Turkey.
  • While Sharon believes the Hebrew word rosh is a proper name in this context (Derek does not), Russia is not in view here at all.
  • The phrase “uttermost parts of the north” (Hebrew yarkǝtê ṣāpôn) points to Mount Zaphon, a mountain in Turkey sacred to the storm-god who was called Baal (Hadad) by the Canaanites, Zeus by the Greeks, and Tarhunz or Teshub by the other nations mentioned by Ezekiel.
  • Since Isaiah identifies that mountain as the mount of assembly of the divine rebel from Eden (Isaiah 14:13), we identify Gog as Satan, who apparently manifested to the ancient world as a storm-god.
  • The prophecy of Ezekiel was directed at the spirits behind the end-times enemy of God and Israel: Satan (Gog), Leviathan (Antichrist), and the Rephaim (the hordes of Gog).

We’re sure we don’t have all the answers to this puzzle, but it’s fascinating trying to identify the pieces!

Ezekiel’s point is that the end times enemies of God will come against Israel from all four corners of the world.

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5 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #201: Ezekiel 38:1-15

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  2. Boy. Things got really messed up. Somehow everything went on high speed. I couldn’t understand anything. Sorry.

  3. derek

    Hi, Judy: How did you try to listen? The file sounds good here.

  4. Hello brother Derek,
    I do want to say that I enjoy listening to both you and your wife. What a beautiful team God has made in you two.
    I have been searching for your email but to no avail.
    I have a few questions for you so please drop me a line when you can.
    Thanks for all your hard work in research.

  5. Douglas Benson

    First time listener to the Bible Study, long time listener to Skywatch. Just a kindly comment on your use of the term Yahweh.
    I truly believe you are the kind of man who is always learning and not too proud to be corrected when the times present themselves. Are you not familiar with Nehemiah Gordon’s Amazing discoveries on the name of God?
    He has discovered over 1100 references in recently undisclosed ancient Hebrew texts both old and New Testament of the Hebrew name of Jehovah with the proper vowel points.
    Amazing stuff
    I hope yu take the time to listen and verify.
    a bro in the LORD

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