Gilbert House Fellowship #198: Ezekiel 30:20-32:32

NEPHILIM IN the Book of Ezekiel? Possibly, yes.

We continue our study of one of the most amazing sections of scripture this week with another condemnation of the divine rebel from Eden, the spirit of chaos (Leviathan), and the “chiefs of the gibborim,” the mighty men who have gone down to the pit, to the “midst of Sheol,” and we explain why Ezekiel 32:27 may actually be a reference to the Nephilim.

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  1. i thank GOD for Derek, Sharon, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, and all at SKY WATCH T.V. GOD bless us all.

  2. During extended illness’ I’ve come quite attached to this and other Gilbert broadcasts. I download to MP3 file and take on the road as well. There is no milk here….if you are not weaned and walking you will not like this stuff. All USDA Prime BEEF here and get ready for a large portion on meat for the soul and mind. Thank you Two for your faithfulness. Pass this along to everyone you know…growing the body is the focus, purpose and mission of everything that Derek and Sharon do…and Samuel T. too.

  3. Isn’t there talk of mesas not being flat mountains but tree stumps. These are stumps that would be a mile across and that means potentially trees that would be even taller. Sounds weird but scripturally, I would but not discount it being a possibility. Who knows what the ancient world looked like.

    1. Author

      Yes, to so-called “mud fossils.” I haven’t looked into it, but it’s interesting speculation.

  4. Fantastic study. I loved it.

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