Gilbert House Fellowship #196: Ezekiel 28:1-19

ONE OF the most cryptic and fascinating sections in the entire Bible is the focus of our study this week: On the surface, it’s a message from God to the Prince of Tyre, who, at the time of Ezekiel, was a man named Ithobaal III. However, it’s clear from the context that this was really directed at the divine rebel from Eden.

We discuss the location of Tyre and why the “heart of the seas” was more likely a reference to the abode of the Canaanite god El or the Sumerian god Enki; the true identity of Daniel in Ezekiel 28:3 (it probably wasn’t the prophet; Danel is called a “follower of Rapiu” [a god whose name is the singular form of “Rephaim”] and a “Man of Hermon” in the Ugaritic text); the role of the cherubim on Eden, which Ezekiel called “the holy mountain of God,” and the parallels to Isaiah 14.

Here is a link to a translation of the Ugaritic Epic of Aqhat, which mentions the Amorite hero Danel, and here is a link to a brief analysis of the story.

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  1. I love and respect you guys, Sharon and Derek. I am a Christian and love Skywatch News and all it contains. I am wondering, though (and I never have before) why Christ had to die for us. I mean, he is God and All. Couldn’t he just have made the sin go away without the sacrifice? I am not saying this very well, but I was wondering about it. God can do anything, so why couldn’t that just been eliminated get on with it? Help, please. Thanks.

  2. P.S. I meant “eliminated and get on with it.?”

    I remember when you guys were talking about how Jesus surprised the demons by coming back sooner than they thought he would and they recognized him. He told them to be quiet, and then he surprised all of them by dying on the cross and being resurrected. Was this it?

    I watch all the Skywatch TV programs and enjoy all of you. Thanks so much.

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