Gilbert House Fellowship #191: Ezekiel 9-11

Artwork by Roderick Thornton

BACK TO the throne room of God this week as we discuss another visit by Ezekiel into the presence of Yahweh. We discuss the cherubim and ophanim, the supernatural guardians of the throne, and why the cherubim depicted on most models of the Ark of the Covenant are wrong.

We also discuss the links between Ezekiel and the Revelation to John, the deeper meaning of the seal applied to the faithful in Ezekiel 10 and Revelation 7, the faces of the cherubim and the cardinal points of the Babylonian zodiac, and the bovid (bull-like) imagery of the cherubim, the Akkadian throne guardians (karibu and lamassu), and pagan deities like Canaanite creator-god El, Kronos and the Titans, and the Celtic horned god Cernunnos.

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  1. Why did God need protection

    1. Author

      Maybe we misspoke. Of course, God doesn’t need protection. But it’s clear that there were guardians around His throne (Isaiah 6:2, and chapters 1 and 10 of Ezekiel) and in Eden (Ezekiel 28:14)

    1. Do you know why God needs protection around his throne

  2. That was a fantastic study. Fun too. God bless

  3. Can someone please check the P.I.D. News podcast on iTunes? There is a server connection error.

  4. The ‘mark’ (tav) placed on those who still believed, mentioned here in Eze., could it be the same as the ‘mark’ talked about in Eph. 1 where Paul says we were “marked in Him with a seal”??

  5. Could the ‘mark’ mentioned here in Eze be the same ‘mark’ in Eph. 1 where Paul says we are “marked in Him with a seal”??

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