Gilbert House Fellowship #186: Jeremiah 51-52

Jeremiah 51JEREMIAH’S PROPHECY of doom against Babylon concludes this week as he declares the kingdom’s destruction at the hands of the Medes. The prophecy was fulfilled some fifty years later in 539 B.C.

Digging deeper into the prophecy, we see more evidence for the divine council in action, especially God’s decree of judgment on the fallen bene elohim and demonic spirits behind the pantheon of Babylon. The promised punishment would make no sense if they had been directed at lifeless idols or carved images (see Jeremiah 51:47 and 51:52).

We also discuss the significance of the “burnt mountain” in Jeremiah 51:25 and its possible connection to the Book of Enoch.

The book of Jeremiah concludes with a review of the final years of the kingdom of Judah, from the beginning of Zedekiah’s reign in 597 B.C. until the destruction of the Temple and the walls of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.

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  1. I have just started to join you when you do Gilbert House Fellowship. I love how you study even the words out. Since I have health challenges, I love to be able to study the word even when I am not able to get to my local assembly.

  2. What commentary did you use on feb 11?

  3. The thought of gods sleeping for half a year could be rooted in the fact, that stars (as their visible representation) are unseen for half a year.
    The “Evil” issue equals the “Bad” (=Bath) in German speaking countries. Locations with medicinal springs have “Bad” prefixed to their Name, e.g. Bad Ischl in Austria. Not bad at all by the way!

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