Gilbert House Fellowship #184: Jeremiah 41-48

THE SOJOURN in Egypt was such a defining moment in the history of Israel and Judah that you would think theĀ last thing Judeans would want is to go back there. You would be wrong.

This week’s study begins with the immediate aftermath of Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of the Temple. A remnant in Judah, afraid of retribution from Babylon because of the assassination of the governor appointed by Nebuchadnezzar, asked Jeremiah to ask YHWH whether fleeing to Egypt was His will. Thing is, they’d decided to go regardless of His answer (which, for the record, was, “No.”)

We also begin a series of prophesied judgments against the neighbors of Israel with destruction decreed on the Philistines and the people of Moab. In these prophecies are some fascinating glimpses into the workings of the divine council, as we find a description of another judgment by God on the gods of Egypt, as well as references to Chemosh, the Queen of Heaven (probably Ishtar/Astarte), Plague (Deber), Pestilence (Maveth, known to the Canaanites as Mot, the god of death), and the Destroyer (possibly the Semitic deity Resheph), all of which were understood to be real entities by the prophets.

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  1. This is the first time I have taken the time to listen to your podcast, and I loved it. I like it because I am working on some cross stitch and wanted something positive to focus my mind on. I ended up with my “One New Man Bible” spread out on Jeremiah and totally following along. Thank you! Now I have the app on my cell phone (along with Skywatch app) and lots of good things to ponder.
    My husband and I really love your daily broadcasts on Skywatch TV and felt a bit deprived on the weekends so now we have a source of inspiration on Sunday, along with our church service at Broadway Christian in Mesa AZ.
    God bless you!

  2. Just want to say that I LOVE you two (Derek and Sharon)! You guys are the “bomb”! I watch you two on Skywatch News (I enjoy all of you on Skywatch.), and Derek on “From the Bunker” and “Five in Ten”, and anywhere else I can catch you two. I sometimes see you on PTL and other shows. This doesn’t really express just how great I think you guys are. Thanks for your generous spirits, and that you are willing to share your wisdom with all of us. God Bless you both!
    Jeanne Baker

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