Gilbert House Fellowship #178: Jeremiah 14-21

JEREMIAH’S PROPHECIES get even darker this week, and God tells him to proclaim famine, destruction, and pestilence for the rebellious kingdom of Judah.

The words given to him by the Lord are so dark that Pashhur, a priest whose father was in charge of temple supplies, had Jeremiah beaten and locked up in stocks. The calling of a true prophet is often unpleasant from a human perspective.

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  1. Can you give me a text reminder so I can remember when your bible study starts.

    1. Author

      Thank you for asking! We don’t produce them live to the web, we record them and upload them when we’re done. That way our slow Internet doesn’t make it impossible to listen, which is what would happen.

      If you subscribe via email (left column, front page), you’ll get a note when new studies are online.

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