Gilbert House Fellowship #84: Psalms 133, 106-107

Our fathers, when they were in Egypt...rebelled by the sea, at the Red Sea (Ps. 106:7)
“Our fathers, when they were in Egypt… rebelled by the sea, at the Red Sea.”

PSALMS OF thanksgiving and a retrospective of Israelite history are the focus of our Old Testament study this week. Psalms 133 and 107 remind us that God’s steadfast love endures forever, while Psalm 106 reminds us of the history of Israel–and God’s patience in spite of their repeated rebellion.

We also briefly discuss the shedim, one of two types of demons mentioned in the Old Testament (the other being theĀ se’irim, goat demons) and the link between the crossing of the Red Sea, mentioned in Psalm 106, with the long-running spiritual war between Yahweh and Ba’al.

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