Gilbert House Fellowship #83: John 7-10

jesus-psalm-82-john-10THE CONSPIRACY to kill Jesus of Nazareth gains momentum as the Pharisees begin to look for reasons to stone him. Twice in this week’s reading Jesus hid himself because the time for him to be lifted up was not yet.

We also discuss the disbelief of his brothers, how allegorizing John 7:10 led to the heretical eschatology of the Latter Rain movement, and why Jesus’ reference to Psalm 82:6 (“I said you are gods”) in John 10:34 does not debunk the Divine Council paradigm.

Click here for the essay mentioned during the study, “Jesus’ Quotation of Psalm 82:6 in John 10:34: A Different View of John’s Theological Strategy” by Dr. Michael S. Heiser (note: link opens PDF document).

And if you’re curious, click here for The Feast of Tabernacles by George Warnock, an online edition of the book that sparked the heretical idea that Jesus will literally incarnate inside a select group of elite believers, the Overcomers, who become the Many-Membered Man Child who defeats the enemies of God and rules the world with a rod of iron in the Last Days.

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