Transfiguration_bloch-2JESUS TAKES command of the enemy’s holy mountain, demonstrating his authority through the Transfiguration on Mount Hermon–the place where the Watchers descended and initiated their plan to corrupt humanity in the days of Noah’s great-great-grandfather Jared.

We also explore several import aspects of Bible doctrine: The hierarchy of the entities in the supernatural realm, the long war between Yahweh and Ba’al (which continues today), and scriptural support for the concept of guardian angels.

Here is the link to Dr. Michael Heiser’s interview with Fern and Audrey about the Divine Council concept in deliverance ministry, and here is the link to the essay “Cosmic Hierarchy” by the late Dr. Tom Hawkins (link opens a PDF document).


  1. chuck missler said the ISV International Standard Version is the best version available. I have a NT printed Bible but you can only get the OT and NT online as a kindle.

    1. Author

      We respect Chuck a great deal and he is missed. However, he was on the board of directors of the ISV Foundation, so he might have been a little biased.

      It’s not a bad translation. As Dr. Mike Heiser says, the best translation is the one you’ll read.

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