Jesus Enters Jerusalem on a Donkey Matthew 21:7-9

TODAY WE revisit the accounts of Jesus walking on Sea of Galilee and feeding the five thousand, this time from the perspectives of Luke and John. We learn from John that the miracle of the loaves and fishes was so impressive to the crowd that they tried to take Jesus by force to make him king.

Since today is Palm Sunday, we also read the four gospel accounts of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  We discuss Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree that was not in season–a metaphor for the Jewish religious leaders of the day, who rejected Jesus because he didn’t fit their preconception of what the Messiah should be.

This misunderstanding has, sadly, continued to the present day.  Two thousand years later, Jews looking for the mashiach are still waiting for a mortal man to lead Israel to its rightful place among the nations.  Thankfully, we read in Revelation that God is not yet finished with His chosen people, and there will be a remnant who recognizes God’s unique, beloved Son.

Please note: Since next week is Resurrection Sunday, we will take the week off and return Sunday, April 3.

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  1. As I was listening to this podcast today, I was reminded of the barley loaf vision from the story of Gideon. Very interesting that there were barley loaves that were used to feed the 5,000 plus people by Jesus. Wasn’t it a barley loaf that came rolling down the hill and crushed the enemy tent in the vision of the man that shared with his a friend in the enemy’s camp that Gideon overheard that indicated that God was giving the the victory of the battle ahead into his hand? Coincidence? I wonder what the significance is of the barley.

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