Gilbert House Fellowship #76: Psalms 43-45, 49, 84-85, 87; 1 Chr 3-5

temple4PSALMS AND genealogies again this week in our Old Testament study, but even here we find some very interesting nuggets. We come across Psalm 87, an interesting prophecy of a future time when foreign nations will come to worship at Jerusalem, ones that are usually not represented in a positive light: Rahab (Egypt), Babylon, Tyre (the king of Tyre is equated with Lucifer/Satan in Ezekiel 28), Philistia, and Cush (Ethiopia, but also the name of the father of Nimrod).

We also discuss the prayer of Jabez, and why we should not depend on the pattern of a prayer to elicit a specific response from God.

To access the archive of Old Testament studies beginning with Genesis 1, click here. For our New Testament studies beginning with Matthew 1, click here.

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