Gilbert House Fellowship #43: Deuteronomy 3-5

moses5MOSES CONTINUES his review of the Law and the history of the Israelites from the time Yahweh brought them out of Egypt. We discuss the land of Bashan and its evil reputation, the hints in the text that argue for its authenticity (like Moses complaining to the people that “the Lord was angry with me because of you”), and the prophecy of Deuteronomy 4, which foreshadows Israel’s future dispersal among the nations.

The Brazen Serpent on Mount Nebo

The Brazen Serpent on Mount Nebo

We also detour into a brief discussion of Mount Nebo, from which Moses would see the Promised Land, and prophecies in Amos 9 and Jeremiah 30 that show God’s unconditional promise to restore Israel to the land someday.

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