Gilbert House Fellowship #30: Leviticus 4-8

consecrationYAHWEH HAD very specific instructions for the offerings required for sin, guilt, peace, ordination, and even voluntary offerings, and there were precise ways in which the blood, meat, and offal of the sacrificed animals were to be handled by the priests.

We discuss the chapters where those instructions were given to Moses, the ordination of Aaron and his sons, and then compare those sacrifices to the once-for-all sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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  1. I’m catching up! Only 300 more podcasts to go! Lol!,Better late than never “-)
    This podcast is very pertinent today, 5.26.22, as Nancy Pelosi altars to have crossed the Leviticus 7:20 line. Isn’t that amazing how applicable Gods laws are even now? She’s willfully sullied the sacrament, with great pride, sticking to killing babies as ok, another God no no, and now? .. well.. the priest who served her faces censure?.. and she faces ex communication.. The parallels here are uncanny. Gods law is very clear. If she repents , confesses, and ceases to sin..her far left, currently circling the Nancy wagon, will throw her under the bus so fast.. its all about Roe v Wade..not Nancy’s mortal soul. Whoopi Goldberg even weighed in as the lefts new Jewish identifying queen of Catholic theology (laughing yet? “-) she’s not catholic..).. it was disgusting and a clear sign of the times we live in.. surely Whoopi has read Leviticus ..Judaism is based on the Old Testament! Duh 🙂 (she didn’t get the memo “-) Anyhow.. Great podcast.. and funny enough. God speaks even thru the archives 🙂 which funny enough, the OT is very much a living archive 🙂
    God Bless you both <3 I am also listening to your new shows and media.. learning the Bible from the beginning, and keeping up with the current. rounds about to me finishing the podcast with Revelation.. the rapture should happen! Lol!
    Teresa Davis 🙂

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