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Gilbert House Fellowship #203: Ezekiel 39

THE INVASION of Israel led by Gog of Magog is the war to end all wars. This week, we back up to Ezekiel 39:1 and discuss the entire chapter to explain why this war ends with the Battle of Armageddon.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #201: Ezekiel 38:1-15

All the nations of the Magog coalition coming from the north were located in modern-day Turkey, as was the “uttermost parts of the north,” a reference to the mountain of Baal.

THE MYSTERY of the identities of Gog and his minions has been the subject of debate for more than 2,500 years. We tackle it in this week’s Bible study.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #198: Ezekiel 30:20-32:32

NEPHILIM IN the Book of Ezekiel? Possibly, yes.

We continue our study of one of the most amazing sections of scripture this week with another condemnation of the divine rebel from Eden, the spirit of chaos (Leviathan), and the “chiefs of the gibborim,” the mighty men who have gone down to the pit, to the “midst of Sheol,” and we explain why Ezekiel 32:27 may actually be a reference to the Nephilim.

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